NHS commissioned clinical services

NHS commissioned clinical services

NHS Commissioned patient services: Innovative pharmacist led services

Prescribing Support Services supports a number of practices across West Yorkshire with the provision of practice and domiciliary based anti-coagulation services. Prescribing support services have been providing anti-coagulation services to practices for a number of years. Our service contracts are currently with individual practices (based upon the current procurement model within Bradford LES).

The current PSS anticoagulation team includes pharmacists, nurses an anticoagulation team manager, and phlebotomy staff; with general management provided by the PSS management team.

We have contributed to the development and delivery of a 20 credit level 7 postgraduate anticoagulant management module at the University of Liverpool which is now run at Liverpool and Shipley, West Yorkshire.


PSS also supports on-going CPD for all staff through facilitating the Bradford primary care anti-coagulation network. This network facilitated by PSS is open to any healthcare professional delivering anti-coagulation services with Bradford. The network meets every 6 weeks and PSS organises a range of training and development sessions.

PSS has also worked with local commissioners to define the competency standards for staff delivering anti-coagulation services. We use these standards to assess the current and on-going training needs for all staff.

Within our portfolio of anticoagulant management we also offer:

  • Training on support on atrial fibrillation case finding – designed to increase the detection rate of people with non-valvular atrial fibrillation.
  • Case finding of patients with AF but not treated with oral anticoagulants.
  • Shared decision making clinics to help support patients to make an informed decision about accepting anticoagulant treatment with warfarin or a NOAC.
  • PSS provides a range of other clinical services including supporting practices with COPD and angina clinics. Our Angina clinics include a nurse led pre clinic telephone assessment as well as ongoing telephone support for patients. This service includes a telephone based patient assessment.

    Case study – Angina management