Continuing Professional Development

PSS ensures that all our services are provided within a learning environment and CPD is key part of overall support we provide employees. PSS has developed a continuing professional development (CPD) plan for all staff involved in delivering or supporting the delivery of our service:

Our CPD plan includes supporting staff with:

  • Promoting a patient-centred approach, including supporting the dignity of the patient, carers and relatives;
  • Ensuring that all our clinical staff involved in treating patients are appropriately skilled, trained and competent to carry out the roles required of them for the duration of the contract;
  • Ensuring the safe, correct and up to date operation of all systems, processes, procedures and equipment;
  • Responding to individual training needs arising from Staff performance appraisal and clinical supervision;
  • Responding to the individual professional development needs of all Staff;
  • Developing and implementing a robust workforce strategy
  • Complying with the provisions of Standards for better health and equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory employment legislation;
  • Supporting staff to meet the requirements of professional bodies for re-registration and revalidation.
  • Regular team meetings where CPD opportunities are identified
  • Regular peer review allowing for opportunities to share good practice
  • Significant incident reviews

PSS has made Continuing Professional Development (CPD) an important part of team support as well as ensuring all clinical staff meet the requirements of their professional and regulatory bodies.

CPD requirement checks form part of the appraisal review for all staff. Group and peer support for CPD takes the form of monthly team meetings which include CPD topics and encouragement to maintain personal CPD records